Is JustAnswer a Scam? A Real Review

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Every person from time to time has questions that only a qualified specialist can answer. But what if there is no opportunity to talk with a specialist face to face and discuss everything that interests you? For such purposes, there are some useful Internet services that help people to find the answer to a particular question. So today, we are going to consider one of these platforms called JustAnswer and find out whether it is safe and legit.


This platform was created by Andy Kurtzig back in 2003. Then, the site was called ExpertAsk, but in 2004, it was renamed JustAnswer. The company was created as a solution to Andy's problem. His beloved wife was pregnant, and since it was their first baby, the couple had many questions. At that period, Andy had difficulties in finding a doctor who could give him answers to all his questions at any given time. All the experts Andy contacted constantly told him about making an appointment during business hours. But owing to pressing engagements at work, Kurtzig did not have such an opportunity. This upset Kurtzig terribly, and he decided to create an online platform that can help people get answers to their questions from lawyers, doctors, and other specialists at any time of day or night. Thus, he created JustAnswer which was later renamed But now, the site is called JustAnswer again.

What is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is one of the greatest online question-and-answer services which provides users with an opportunity to contact about 12 000 verified specialists to get an expert commentary regarding some important matter and have their question answered. Moreover, it is possible to communicate with an expert by telephone for an extra charge. On the official site of JustAnswer, a user can observe a list of verified specialists and get information on how many questions they have already answered, as well as how people rated them. This can give you an idea of whether an expert is well versed in their field or not. On the JustAnswer’s website, there are verified specialists in such fields:

  • jurisprudence
  • finance
  • mechanics
  • health and medicine
  • veterinary science
  • electronics
  • plumbing and ventilations
  • technical devices
  • software and technology
  • network issues
  • tech support
  • home improvement

Besides, there is a supplementary “General” category of questions that involves entertainment, human relationships, jobs and employment, genealogy, handsome manners, renovations, interpretation of dreams, and a lot more.

JustAnswer allows users to ask questions and receive answers from various specialists around the clock. In addition, the company possesses offices in different countries and provides services in several languages. The main idea of the site is to reduce personal visits to specialists, which ultimately can save people money and time.

How JustAnswer works

JustAnswer provides people with an opportunity to deal with burning issues on a paying basis. At the same time, it encourages specialists to answer these questions for financial rewards. In fact, the site acts as a bridge that connects users with experienced professionals who can provide the answers to their questions.

As soon as a specialist answers the question, a user has to consider and evaluate it. The client pays only when approves the answer. Otherwise, the user has the opportunity to reject the answer and seek the services of another expert.

To use the services of the site and ask questions, one needs to enter a subscription to the service. There are two principal ways to sign up for JustAnswer, and each method leads to a different starting price. Let’s consider both of them:

1. The best way to enter a subscription to the service is to sign up for a $1 week-long trial. To do this, visit the site following this link. When you follow the link, you will see an open conversation window with an Expert’s Assistant called Pearl Wilson. This is an automatic messaging assistant that will give you a link to a trial version for $1. The assistant will ask you a few usual follow-up questions before sending a registration link and connecting you with a specialist in the relevant field. When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your phone number, email address, and information about the payment. To get started, you only need to pay a membership fee of $1.

2. The second way to enter a subscription is to visit, enter your question, and click “Continue”. Thus, you will be offered a $5 week-long trial version.

How much does JustAnswer cost?

Is JustAnswer free? The answer is a resounding "no". The monthly membership subscription on JustAnswer differs from one user to another on the basis of the questions which are asked. Burning questions that require comprehensive answers lead to an increase in the monthly fee.

Disappointingly, there is no established monthly membership fee for the offered services, and frankly speaking, there is no reliable way to determine how much you will have to pay. According to the JustAnswer customer service, the fee can vary from 18 to 46 dollars per month. Although, according to some JustAnswer reviews, the amount of money can sometimes be many times as large.

But still, the site offers a weekly trial. It is inexpensive (only 1 or 5 US dollars) and comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the response of a specialist. But remember, you should cancel the trial version before its end, otherwise, you will be charged a monthly membership fee, which can no longer be refunded.

Is JustAnswer legitimate?

A lot of newcomer users entertain a suspicion regarding the site and wonder “Is JustAnswer legit?” According to the Better Business Bureau, JustAnswer has an A+ rating, which is quite high. Also, the site has been accredited since 2006. There are about 12 000 trusted experts who are available for users twenty-four hours straight. In addition, over 10 million people use this online platform to obtain the help of a skilled professional.

If you browse the Internet for JustAnswer scam, you will most likely find nothing. According to Trust Pilot, the company boasts about 15 000 reviews with excellent ratings. Nearly 90% of users consider the site’s services to be excellent. The JustAnswer rating on is 4.5, which also indicates the high quality of the services provided by the website.

Is JustAnswer safe?

Proceeding from the above, it is possible to say for sure that JustAnswer is a legit and completely safe online service. It does not matter how great and popular a company is, one can always find some complaints and negative reviews about it on the Internet or people who do not like the company’s services, and is no exception. But the process that the site uses to charge users for their membership is not understandable and clear enough and, therefore, causes complaints. So, you should study this question from every side before entering a subscription to JustAnswer. In general, the main purpose of the platform is to help everyone who needs to get specialized advice in any field of activity. And within this framework, JustAnswer does a good job!

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