Is Noracora Legit? Let's Find Out


Nowadays, many people use online stores. After all, this is a good and easy way to buy goods without even leaving home. Therefore, it is important to know whether it is possible to believe a particular site and order goods there. So today, we’ll talk about one of the internet-based retailers. You may have already heard of or even come across this site on the Internet. But is Noracora a legitimate company? Does this website really provide its customers with quality products at affordable prices or this is just another fraudulent scheme to trick gullible customers? Let's find it out and learn the truth about!

What Is Noracora?

Noracora is a world-famous online store that specializes in women's attire and was registered in 2014. The website positions itself as a service for quick shopping which offers the most fashionable designer clothes of high quality.

On the, you can find and purchase such goods for women:

  • Outerwear
  • Dresses
  • Swimwear
  • Tops
  • Trousers, skirts
  • Undergarment
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
  • Bags & Accessories

Although Noracora was once an online trading platform with a good reputation, these days, numeral Noracora reviews and complaints of Internet users prove otherwise. You can easily check this by googling Noracora reviews 2019.

Noracora Red Flags

If you have never encountered before, you should be aware of some red flags before considering whether it is worth buying something on this site.

1. Noracora offers its customers attractive discounts of 20-80% for each product. In fact, this is a common scam trick to attract as many people as possible to an e-commerce site and lure money from them. As a rule, buyers do not bother checking the site and buy into large discounts. Although attractive discounts on all the products should cause suspicion among purchasers. This is exactly the way scammers cheat people.

2. There is no information about the site owner, although this is very important for people who spend their money buying goods on the After all, if something goes wrong or you encounter some problem on the site, you can contact someone real to deal with the problem. But if you do not have any information about the site owner, then you have only one way to report your problem – send an e-mail to the website administration.

3. As an online store, must provide its customers with the necessary security measures to protect their personal and financial information.

Noracora uses a fake seal of trust from some of the most well-known anti-virus providers in the world such as Norton, McAfee, and others. You can make sure that it is fake because these logos are not clickable. And if the trust seal logo is fake, then consequently, all the security measures present on the are a hoax.

4. There is a very high probability that your personal data will be used by a third party in bad faith.

Providing personal information on such unreliable sites can lead to a cyber-attack not only on your PC but also on your financial account. Therefore, it is often advised not to provide personal data to suspicious websites.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of complaints about regarding the usage of user’s credit cards without their permission. This is a very common problem nowadays, especially among people who make some purchases on deceitful sites like

5. Address mismatch. Noracora provided its company name as CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED, and the owner address is Hong Kong WHOIS. But on its official website, Noracora mentions that it is from the United Kingdom. Thus, this inappropriate address detail proves that does not provide the address of its real company, which is definitely a sign of fraud.

6. The site is not properly managed. Noracora posts pictures of its goods on the site pages in a random, disordered manner. They did not organize their site correctly, and its pages do not contain much information or privacy policies. Moreover, on the pages of, there are some spelling and grammatical errors, which also indicates that they approached the filling of the site irresponsibly.

7. According to numerous Noracora reviews, it is impossible to return a purchase. Moreover, Noracora sends goods that completely do not match the pictures on the site. Many users complain that the received goods are not suitable in size or different in color or material.

Is Noracora Legit?

At first glance, Noracora looks like a legit online store offering a wide selection of fashionable and attractive clothing for women. But having studied the site a little better, you may have the question, "Is Noracora legitimate?"

The Noracora Company, which claims to work with well-known brands and offers high-quality designer clothes, is often accused by the Internet users of selling low-quality clothes and the inability to fulfill simple customer orders. Besides, according to numerous reviews of Noracora, the site uses personal information of users for hacker attacks and stealing money from user’s bank cards.

Thus, it becomes obvious that Noracora is a scam. Why trust and spend your precious time on an unreliable online retailer who has hundreds of negative reviews on the Internet as well as the 2 most significant warning signs when it comes to online stores – the inability to communicate with customers properly and deliver the goods they buy on the site.

Noracora Scam Sites

Unfortunately, Noracora is not the only fraudulent website lying behind fake online clothing stores.

On the Privacy Policy page, Noracora provides the name and address of its company as “BTREE Limited: 20H, 39 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Buckinghamshire, UK HP2 7DN.” However, this address has been used by many fraudulent sites such as Osinskistore, HeyCheers, AbernathyAbernathy, JacobiWorld, Schowalterschowalter and so on. Thus, it is quite clear that these sites are fraudulent and managed by the same cybercriminals.

Just by searching the registered address of BTREE Limited on Google, you can find the following sites related to


How to Contact Noracora?

Noracora provides only one way to contact them – an email address. Since the address of the registered office of the company is fake, consumers can contact Noracora only by e-mail in the hope of receiving an answer.

Noracora is a scam site, so do not make any purchases there! They are unlikely to deliver your order. And if they do it, then the product will differ from what is indicated on the site. You should use only well-known and trusted sites to make purchases online. It will save your money, time, and nerves.

Please share this information about the Noracora scam with people who are dear to you. It will help them understand how such scam sites work and accordingly, protect themselves from fraudulent tricks and schemes.

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