Is USI Tech a Scam? Let's Get Real


USI Tech appeared on our market in May 2017. Initially, they started selling BTC packets to miners and online crypto traders. Their clients desired to automate their activities on the crypto market. So, USI Tech is a company that claimed that they had created the first computerized transaction platform for BTC (Bitcoin). As it always happens, in the beginning, everything was just perfect. Nevertheless, after a little while, their happy clients felt that something was wrong and that USI Tech began to resemble a Ponzi scheme. So, is USI Tech legit? To know for sure, let's look at their working methods and strategies.

Who Owns It?

Usually, websites that officially work with cryptocurrency give their users a lot of important information about the history, administrators, founders, and team associates. At the same time, there are those websites that never do that, and, as you have guessed, USI Tech belongs to the second type. They didn't provide any information about their owners or founders. Also, on their website, there was no major information about their products.

But, even at the beginning of their work, it was known that USI Tech was founded by Ralf Gold and Joao Severino. This allows us to learn more about the biography of those people. Thus, Portugal banned Joao Severino from all types of financial activities because he worked in another scam company: AMC Invest. To make matters worse, Ralph Gold is a well-known fraudster, specializing in Ponzi schemes. During his life, Ralph was a part of many different frauds. All experienced users, at that point, understood that USI Tech scam is inevitable.

Also, USI Tech scam, claimed that they were registered in Dubai. However, specialists managed to learn that this company was registered in Ras Al Khaimah. This is another municipality in the UAE, but unlike Dubai, it is a very famous offshore zone. Fraudsters always use offshore zones because this is the best way for them to steal and launder money. So, is USI Tech a pyramid scheme? Yes, it is.

What USI Tech was offering to their users, claiming that they would be making money?

So, generally, they offered BTC packages. Each package started at around 50 Euros. They claimed that the more packages you had, the more your return rate would be. They also claimed that their automated software would provide a passive income for their users. They promised that return rates would be near one percent every day and that their users would receive payouts every five days. Some people believed in this and started buying packages. Also, USI Tech claimed that its 140-day packages would have an unbelievable 140 percent return rate. Moreover, they were claiming (never proved it) that some of their users had already had more than 160 percent returns. This statement was a part of their advertising campaigns that also included bought positive USI Tech reviews.

Today, everyone sees that those promises were too wonderful to be true. USI Tech managed to attract so many users because the crypto market in late 2017 was growing very fast, and users believed that it is very easy to make money on it. Unfortunately, the USI Tech shutdown proved them wrong and showed that it is not that easy to make money on cryptocurrency, especially if you are not a specialist. For example, since USI Tech never tried to hide that they worked as a multilevel net marketing business, many experts view that this is a Ponzi scheme way before they started to sell their BTC packages.

What Is Our “Takeaway” from the Story?

No matter what role you played in this story, there are many things that you can learn from the story behind the USI Tech scam. Remember, Ponzi schemes are becoming more and more complicated, and even if you decided to avoid participating in this scheme, there is no guarantee that you are protected from other such schemes.

1. Pay attention to the background

Remember, before investing money in some projects, it is better to spend some time researching the background. Pay attention to its founders and their financial history. For example, speaking of USI Tech, many people stayed away from this Ponzi scheme purely because they analyzed its founders first. Thus, if you see that a particular founder of a particular project during his or her life even once was involved in Ponzi schemes, then you know for sure that you should forget about this project once and for all.

2. Forget about reviews

You should never trust in reviews and success stories about people who have made millions by investing some money in a particular project, product, or cryptocurrency. For example, every second USI Tech review was bough, and almost every example of successful people investing in USI Tech was a lie.

3. High returns with low risk

We have already heard it all before, "The faster you drive, the less fuel you spend," "The more you smoke, the healthier you are," and so forth. Any investment always implies risk. It is self-evident. Therefore, the higher the potential return is, the higher the risk is as well. If someone promises you the opposite, then it is better to avoid this person and his or her project.

4. Regular returns

Nope, this is not possible even in conventional business because there are too many ups and downs. So, if someone promises you that you will always have the highest returns, it means that you won't have any returns at all, especially if you are working with cryptocurrency.

5. No license, no money

If you see the seller without a license, it should be clear that this is a fraudster. Every state in the US has its regulations concerning required licenses or registration for any monetary operations. Forget about your greed and stay away from organizations and projects that work without licenses or registration. Because USI Tech shutdown has already shown what happens if you trust those whom you should never trust.

6. Paper issues

Sometimes, when you start working with this or that project, owners delay providing all necessary papers. We have already mentioned licenses and registration, but fraudsters also never provide any information on paper. They have many ways to explain this and persuade you that the aforementioned is okay, but it is not. Remember, if you don't have any papers, then all your investments worth nothing and will disappear as soon as their website shuts down.

7. Lack of clarity

This is a very simple rule, and it is easy to follow it. Too complicated and badly explain strategies often show that you have faced a Ponzi scheme. Ask yourself, "Where do they get money to cover your high returns? How do they make money?" If you don't understand something in their business model, or you don't have the full information about your money, this should be a red flag for you.

So, Is USI Tech a Scam?

Now, it should be clear that USI Tech is a scam. We hope that the information from our article will help you protect your money and make only the right investments. Unfortunately, there are many unrevealed yet Ponzi schemes such as USI Tech. You, as a person who works on crypto market, should always make sure that you have investigated everything about this or that project before making any important decisions. Even if you have suffered from USI Tech scam or some other Ponzi scheme, you should never give up. This is a very important experience, and it is crucial to take lessons from cases like this.

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