How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer


So, you think you're the smartest. You have a solid bank account, you have long passed the age of majority, you have life experience and you are the owner of a small (or big) business. It seems to you that no fraudster will be able to deceive you. Well, you're completely wrong, my friend. If you immediately stop any tries to sell your unnecessary garbage on the phone, it does not mean that you will be able to avoid the traps set up by online dating scams.

Scam and Frauds: 12 Interesting Facts


As online dating sites are paid, it means that someone will use it just to steal your money. Still, online dating scams are not limited strictly to dating sites.

Internet is full of scam stories where someone would land about $1,500 to his or her online partner and never saw the money, and the partner as well. There are more serious fraud scams stories, like victim allowing the online partner to use his or her personal bank account, and then got into trouble with the FBI. You can actually dig them on the web, there are a lot of scam victims. In order to not post online dating scam stories, you need to learn this twelve interesting facts about online frauds.

Non-Dating Scam Stories: Amazing and Disturbing


It is quite difficult to recognize an experienced fraudster because they use a variety of methods of seduction, but the goal of internet scam is always the same: they don’t need you but only your money.

Be careful! Most scammers are very knowledgeable in psychology and know a lot of subtle tricks how to trap you.

Are Russian Dating Agencies a Scam?


There is a general misconception that Russian dating scams are the most dangerous and widespread. But think again, how can this thing be real? Let’s think about the question from more concrete side and get some specific conclusions. An average Russian dating agency is paid to let as many potential dates search for a partner. Those agencies are quite popular. Would they risk their reputation, letting scammers work for the company? Yes, dating sites are always a hit or miss situation, but why would large establishments hire or promote anyone that could possibly ruin the entire client base?

How to Detect Russian Dating Scam


Dating sites are overall a great opportunity to meet someone special online. You can see each other’s profile, share information. But wait, do we really have to be so opened to strangers, even to the most charming ones. Come on, everyone at least once in a lifetime told something they regret telling. So what are the signs of dating site scams? How to avoid them and be more clever then children who dared to go inside a minivan for a candy? Sorry, that went dark. Here we go:

How to Avoid Russian/Ukrainian Dating Scam

How to Avoid Russian/Ukrainian Dating Scam

I cannot say that each and every connection with a foreigner online is a dating scam. However, better be safe than sorry. Therefore, it is essential to know how to detect online dating scams at their early stage not to be hurt and robbed. There are some tips prepared based on real stories for those who enjoy online dating and want to know how to avoid scams.

How to Detect Ukrainian Dating Scam

How to Detect Ukrainian Dating Scam

Stay safe – this is the number one rule for people who enjoy online dating services. Following some simple rules will help you to avoid scammers and feel safe while searching for love online. There is even Safe Online Dating Alliance created for you. The Alliance suggests dozens of stories, which may help you realize that you are on the wrong track or dating the wrong person, for example. I cannot say that online dating is much more dangerous than real life dating. It’s new and often unreasonably withheld. Still, better safe than sorry..

Types of Russian Dating Scam

Types of Russian Dating Scam

There are people who create fake social media accounts besides their real ones. Some do it just for fun while some want to be present online incognito. However, there is another group of fake accounts – they are created with dishonest and sometimes even illegal aims. Probably, you’ve heard about numerous fake profiles of one celebrity existing on several social networks. A person that creates this “celebrity” profile writes in the name of that famous person impersonating him or her. Unfortunately, many people truly believe that they were added to friends by a real celebrity.

Russian Dating and How to Avoid It

russian dating

Why do people create their profiles on online dating sites? The answer is obvious: they want to meet their potential partners. However, some people take advantage of the dating websites in a dishonest way. Doing something online, especially meeting people, always implies a certain level of risk. You need to be cautious in order not to swallow the bait of a scammer operating on an online dating site.

A scammer is a person (either man or woman) who creates a fake profile, uploads other woman’s photos and starts sending letters to different men. His or her main purpose is to meet a man, communicate with him, and then swindle him out of his money. These con artists are pretty easy to recognize, so you just need to be aware of their common schemes. Although dating websites verify the users’ profiles, they can’t be totally secure from scam because only you can understand whether you correspond with a real person or a scammer.
Common scammer’s scheme
Usually, it goes like this. You receive a message from a beautiful woman, you start a conversation, and you gradually fall in love with her. She compliments and praises you and tells you about her virtues. When trust is established, she suddenly finds an excuse to ask you for financial help. She might mention her sick relative or tell that she can’t afford translator’s services, etc. You feel like you’re the only one who can help her and you cannot but send her some money. Once she receives it, she is gone forever, your heart is broken and trust in people is undermined. The most popular type of scam is travel scam. In this case, a woman tells you she wants to visit you but doesn’t have enough money for a plane ticket and requests a certain sum. Again, when she gets it, she disappears.
How to detect scam
In order to avoid scam, you need to pay attention to some warning signs signaling you’re dealing with a scammer.
She writes first. It’s not common for Russian women to start a conversation with a man, so if you receive a message from a woman, get suspicious.
She asks lots of questions. Analyze your dialog: if your interlocutor mainly asks questions but ignores yours, she wants to get more information about you and conceal her identity.
Her profile is scarce. Real women usually write much in their profiles because they think it’s important.
She avoids real communication. Offer your interlocutor to have a video chat. A scammer will find any excuse just to avoid face-to-face communication.
She requests money. A decent woman will never ask a man she just met online to send her money.

3 Types Of Dating Scammers


The virtual world gives great opportunities for fraud. People don't look into each other eyes, the voice is not shaking and cheeks do not blush during the conversation, it means that one person can tell others anything, until they meet in real life. Сheaters are everywhere, but in the network, it is easier to be cheated, if you are not experienced and do not know how to distinguish good people from bad.

Is RomanceCompass a Scam?


Scamming is one of the hugest problems of our modern world. Thanks to the Internet, people solve multiple tasks, and scammers attack any possible group of users. Singles that are in searches of a lifetime partner aren’t safe from frauds as well. The growing proportion of westerners gets interested in relationships with beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women. However, many of them are afraid of being cheated by random charlatans. As a result, dozens of men miss their perfect opportunity to meet an amazing Slavic lady for love and marriage.