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Trent, 42, USA

So many sexy women to meet, kinda feels weird to share this information with others, it’s like I’m giving away something, but still, I highly recommend RC, it’s great.

James, 46, UK

I have been using Romancecompass for around 4 months, have had a few minor issues, but other than that, no problems, just a nice dating service. If you like Eastern European women, then why not? I have met quite a few nice ladies here, nice brunettes, sexy blondes, just try it out.

Charles, 39, Canada

Hi, my name is Charles and I would like to share my experience using Romancecompass. The service is quite decent, there seem to be nice people working in their customer support department. Never got any issues with it, both while using it via a pc and my tablet, none whatsoever. So yeah, I’ve got nothing more to say really, a fine dating site.

Franklin, 41, USA

My previous relationship was quite a painful one to overcome, lots of stress, lots of pain, but I’ve met a nice woman here and we’ve been communicating for around two months at this point, she is great and I might want to move it forward with her, probably will.

Eddie, 48, Australia

I’ve used quite a few dating services in my time, everything ranging from Tinder to Pure, yet I ended up using, it’s just easy, it’s just simple, and the most important thing for me personally, no bots, no scam accounts in sight.

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