Types of Russian Dating Scam

Types of Russian Dating Scam

There are people who create fake social media accounts besides their real ones. Some do it just for fun while some want to be present online incognito. However, there is another group of fake accounts – they are created with dishonest and sometimes even illegal aims. Probably, you’ve heard about numerous fake profiles of one celebrity existing on several social networks. A person that creates this “celebrity” profile writes in the name of that famous person impersonating him or her. Unfortunately, many people truly believe that they were added to friends by a real celebrity.

What are we getting at? You use dating sites to meet potential romantic partners, while some people create their profiles at online dating sites with the aim of swindling regular users out of their money. Those dishonest people are called con artists or scammers.

Who Is a Scammer?

In terms of Internet dating scams, a scammer is a person that registers at a dating site under a fake name and starts contacting men in order to establish trust and then use their tricks to coax men out of their money. Since communication at online dating sites goes rather impersonally as people mainly exchange messages, any person (man or woman) can hide behind the profile of a model-like girl. Usually, scammers use one and the same scheme. A scammer worms her way into man’s confidence and uses all of her charms to make him fall for her. When a certain level of trust and affection is established, she finds an excuse to request a particular sum of money from her online “victim”. The reason for her financial need varies according to the type of scam. Scammers are great manipulators – they play with men’s feelings in order to get what they want. Once they achieve their goal, they disappear.

Popular Russian Dating Scams

Although online dating scams are arranged according to one and the same pattern, there can be singled out several types of them. Each of them is based on requesting money.

“The sick relative”

At first, your communication goes in a positive atmosphere. You get to know each other, talk about different things, but a week later, a woman suddenly about her ill relative who needs an urgent surgery. Her family can’t fully afford it so she asks you for financial support. When a man is in love, he is ready to help his woman immediately. Of course, this is a part of her scheme.

“The pay-per-letter service”

If you register at the dating site that charges you for every message you send, the odds are you’ll be “caught” by a scammer. She may be employed by that very service or just operate there on her own initiative. Since her goal is to chat with you as long as possible, she’ll do her best to keep the ball rolling and will keep coming with new excuses why she doesn’t want to get in touch via email or Skype. Take our advice: choose free dating sites or the ones that offer pre-paid services.

“Travel scams”

Here belong the scams that involve schemes connected with visa and ticket costs. After corresponding for a while, a scammer will express her desire to come to your country. She will also mention a small problem that prevents her from doing this – she doesn’t have enough money for a plane ticket since she spent a fortune on other documents. In order not to swallow this bait, travel to your online date yourself.

“Gift scams”

Scammers know that men become very generous when they are deeply in love. That is why many of them deviate from hunting for money and hunt for gifts. They tell their “victims” what they would like to receive and men, wanting to please and impress their online dates, immediately buy those things and order delivery. A scammer has many gift-givers and those presents are all she needs from them.

How to Avoid Scams

The fact that scammers do operate at some dating sites shouldn’t prevent you from online dating. Since con artists work according to similar patterns, they can be detected quite easily. Dating sites can’t guarantee you a total security from scammers. You should be attentive and suspicious enough in order to avoid romancecompass scams. They are not different from common types of dating site scams. Avoiding scams and romancecompass scam, in particular, requires your alertness and awareness of possible schemes you may face.

The most obvious sign that you’re dealing with a scammer is that she requests money from you. However, scammers usually save this trick for later when a man is already charmed and swept off his feet. There are many subtle signs you can spot during your initial chats. If a woman contacts you first and her letter looks impersonal, probably she sends this copy to multiple men and waits for a reply. You should get especially suspicious if a woman bombards you with compliments and declares her love after a first chat. Real women are more reserved and wait until a man makes the first move. If she constantly avoids video chats, she must be hiding from you.

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