Who Is "Scam Likely" and How to Stop Them From Calling You

Who Is Scam Likely

Nowadays, scam issues are important as never, because the practice of getting people involved in different schemes under the cover of dating is very popular. Today many reliable companies that have existed for years suddenly cease to develop and as a result, investors lose money. As fraudsters come up with ways to get personal data of users, special programs are already helping us find out scam likely calls.

So, let's investigate this issue and discover the core of the problem why you may get a call from scam likely.

What is a scam and the reasons for it

SCAM is a situation in which an investment project (company) stops fulfilling obligations to investors and, as a rule, ceases to exist. Roughly speaking, this is when the owners of an investment company take all the money of investors and disappear with them in an unknown direction. In a dating world, this means some third parties getting access to the personal information of users of a certain site, including email address and phone number, in order to send them junk mails to blackmail to require money. It can only happen in case of the poor security system of a dating service or its dishonesty and disrespectfulness to the personal data of users. In most cases that is illegal and, services are not allowed to sell this information to any companies which are willing to use it in order to investigate the market or use it in commercial studies for advertisement. In other cases, the site simply does not pay proper attention to users’ checking system and people with bad intentions can easily create a profile on the platform and start junk mailing others. In order to fight such fraudsters, reliable sites have such features as blocking the accounts with suspicious activity, for example sending a lot of identical messages to users or allow the members the block accounts themselves.

The reasons for the scam can be divided into two categories - official causes and real ones.

1. Official versions that should be understood as “false ”:

-Site hacking - the project owner reports that the attackers hacked the site and deleted all investor data, or the payment systems were hacked and money was stolen.
-The irreparable mistake of the project manager or employee.
-The raider attacks.

2. The real reasons for the scam are trying to get money from users. This is the only reason. One can only speculate about the reasons why scam happened at one time or another.

Who is scam likely

Most cellular operators now have powerful scam protecting algorithms. It means when the operator detects a suspicious number trying to get in touch with your number, it checks whether this number is included into the scam database and if the number is present in any of these lists, it will be marked as scam likely and you will get to know with. When this number tries to reach to you, even if it is not in your list of contacts, you will see the «scam likely» caption on the screen. It, of course, sometimes happens that the calls from the banks or internet shops are being captioned as scam likely because all answering machine and pre-recorded calls can get into this category. That is why you should answer the phone to reassure it yourself whether the call is important or you are dealing with scam likely phone calls. If you notice one of the next schemes, chances are your phone number was sold to scam likely organizations or people:

"Your son got in trouble"

This method of fraud is based on psychological pressure. The victims are called on mobile and are told the story that their loved one was in trouble or committed a crime. And require money in order to help them. The information is, as a rule, impersonal - fraudsters do not call names, use the words "son", "daughter" or, for example, "grandson", but that is very often enough.

If you receive such a call, first of all, do not panic, ask the caller any additional questions and do not give personal information. Try to call back the relative and find out the situation immediately. If their phone is turned off, and the scammers call every minute hurrying you up, ask them to hand the phone to your relative. They will not be able to do this, and you will see that you deal with the scammers. Then you should make them believe they got you to play for time and help the police catch them.


Another scam likely call but this one is similar to fishing. The goal of fishing is to gain access to confidential user data - logins and passwords. For example, this can be done with the help of sending emails under the name of well-known brands, banking services or using social networks. Fishing emails contain a direct link, clicking on which the user gets on a fake website (it looks almost identical to the real one). The purpose of the scammers is to force the users to give out their login and the password and if they do it, their data get to scammers.

In the case of smishing, SMS texts are used. The message will contain a link to a fishing site. At first sight, the text may look like an SMS from a bank or a well-known company and tell about the recent sales or that something was wrong with the card or account of the user. Do not ever pass your personal information to the third parties, the bank will never ask you to send them your password or any card information!

How to stop scam likely calls

As we have mentioned, using the call blocking system is one of the best ways to shield yourself from scammers. Sometimes they may get your phone number from the most unexpected sources and you never know when you may get attacked. Still, if you got trapped, you need to know how to block scam likely calls. There are some proven methods:

1. Apply diversification.

If you explain it in simple words, this business strategy can be used to branch out your important information and property not to lose it all at once. It means you should never store all your money on one credit card or use the same password for all sites. Download the automatic password app that generates the unique password for each site for you and in this way, it will be practically impossible to hack your account.

2. Stay on alert

Do not rush to pick up the phone call from an unknown number. Listen to what the person on the other side of the call wants carefully and decide whether you deal with a real company or your data is under risk. In case you notice something suspicious, immediately block the number and warn your relatives about this. Very often these people, who get access to your number, will also receive the phone numbers of people who live in the same apartments with you or have the same surname, so you should all stay careful.

3. Use the programs that block scam likely calls or cellular operators that provide such services

They may be free or paid, but protecting your personal information and money is much more important, keep that in mind.

Romancecompass scams

Unreliable and scam dating sites may use your personal information against you and you should always choose the most known and trust-worthy of them to be sure that your personal details will be stored safely. There hasn’t been any Romancecompass scam situation happening since the site has started its work. That means you can use it and not worry about the security; this dating service is great and careful to the protection of users.

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