Are Russian Dating Agencies a Scam?


When you want to find anyone special on the Internet, there is a high chance it’s going to be a scam. Scammers are everywhere now: they appear sweet and innocent at first sight, but as you are sinking deeper and deeper into the whirl of pleasant talking, they start revealing some sketchy information, make weird offers and ask for something serious. You should understand that dating site scams are pretty common in our time, but how to understand if one is being fooled and deceived? How not to miss an important person in your life? How not to reject a good person? To be quite frank with you, it’s quite hard to answer the questions I’ve just asked. But the ruthless truth is, no matter whom the dating site belongs, the possibility of bumping into scammers are equally real.

There is a general misconception that Russian dating scams are the most dangerous and widespread. But think again, how can this thing be real? Let’s think about the question from more concrete side and get some specific conclusions. An average Russian dating agency is paid to let as many potential dates search for a partner. Those agencies are quite popular. Would they risk their reputation, letting scammers work for the company? Yes, dating sites are always a hit or miss situation, but why would large establishments hire or promote anyone that could possibly ruin the entire client base?

True Russian Dating

The second reason why Russian dating is truthful is the statistics of divorces in Russia. As of 2014 year, the amount of people who divorce is 172 310! This is pure craziness. No wonder capacitive crowds of people are standing in line to get acquainted with a new partner.

Russian dating sites are being precisely inspected. Of course, if you are using a normal trustworthy dating site, there is a high chance of finding someone special without a fear of getting scammed or deceived. Here is how things are done: big agencies cooperate with little resources, which consist of 200-500 profiles that belong to different women. The resources ask dating agencies to detect obvious scammers, so they pick and check potential brides themselves. The agencies can be either good or bad; the latter can use ladies’ profiles without checking so they could be paid well without any problems. The question is whether you want to use weird-looking sites where 90% of the content strongly resembles advertisements banners. So everything depends on which lady you choose and to what agency she belongs if I can put it like that. Generally, scammers are a pretty current thing, but that doesn’t depend on the “nationality” of the site. As I explained you above, everything depends on the integrity and quality of the site. There are a lot of portals where you can find top dating-sites lists and the so-called “black lists” where names of the scammers are published so you don’t waste your time on accidental fraud.

Safe International Dating

In general- international dating site is just a platform, where men and ladies register, but ladies do it with the help of dating agencies. If you strive to find a wife on such site, you need to check a Lady yourself. You can ask her for Skype or video-chat, send little gift to check if she looks the same in real life as on photoshopped pictures, you can order a meeting with her, but at first- ask many questions. Only asking her why she is here, what she knows about your country, if her ex-husband will give her permission to relocate her child, what she will do in new country, how she sees her future. After her replies - you will see if she is really genuine, or not.

So are Russian dating agencies serve scams to their customers? My answer is as follows: scam is an international problem, and the probability of meeting a fraudster can be not a single percent higher than on American or English sites, for instance. A lot of those portals are being run by people who don’t want to lose their followers, so this business is evolving with a great speed and force. I can only advise you to check the sites beforehand, be wise and safe, because a lot of Russian portals are actually good.

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