Is LiveWave Legit? An Unbiased Review


LiveWave is a special HD television antenna. To use it, you only will need to plug it into your wall, and it will receive signals from all local TV stations around you. This antenna is unique because of its unusually small body, and strange shape. Also, it is equipped with telescoping receptors made from non-ferrous metals that serve to improve the quality of the received signal. This antenna is produced by Swell eComm Enterprises, and this is not their only product, they also sell MindInsole. Both these products you may have seen on TV, as this company mostly buys TV advertisements.

As you can see, this company has very interesting products. From our VT screens, they promise that this antenna can turn your hidden house wiring into a very powerful antenna that will receive many TV channels in HD quality. But since when TV advertisements began to avoid exaggeration? At first glance, it is relatively hard to see whether this antenna really works or not. In this article, we've tried to dig up the truth about this company and answer the most important question, "Is LiveWave a scam?" During our small investigation, we have read many LiveWave Antenna reviews and analyzed many different sources of information available online.

Does LiveWave Antenna Really Work?

For this article, we have dived into the world of TV antennas and run many different tests. First of all, you need to know that many other companies in the market also sell small TV antennas. Some offers are cheaper than the LiveWave, but some other products are way more expensive. However, they all have similar claims: to provide you some HD channels for free. But LiveWave also claims that the only thing you will have to do to get access to HD channels is to put it into your power socket and connect a coaxial cable into your TV and antenna. According to Swell eComm Enterprises, this cable comes with your antenna.

When everything is done, you will need only to use the auto-scan mode on your TV, and wait for some time. Your TV will use the antenna to find signals from local TV stations. After this scan, you will be able to watch your local TV stations. Every single antenna available on this market works according to this principle, but LiveWave has its differences when it comes to the way how this antenna receives a signal.

As you may know, any standard antenna has a tree-like system of reflectors, directors, and other parts that serve to receive signals. This is why you need to put those antennas on the roof. On the other hand, the creators of LiveWave claim that their antenna doesn't need any special parts and tree-like structures on top of your house since it can turn your home's electrical wiring into a huge antenna. So, they claim that you will only need to plug this antenna into your socket, and this is where we meet the first problem since antennas are way more complicated than "pieces of a long wire" as they claim on their website.

Since our home electrical wiring originally served for different purposes, we had our concerns about the safety of this antenna. This is why we decided to call our local professional TV antenna installers. They admitted that it might be possible to turn our home's ground system into a super antenna. However, they have never seen people do it. Also, they validated our concerns on the safety of this device. So, at this point, we cannot claim that LiveWave Antenna is a scam, but we cannot recommend you install it in your house either.

LiveWave Antenna Reviews

Of course, we couldn't stop our investigation at this point, so we decided to search for comments and reviews. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of good news for those who believed in Live LiveWave or have already ordered it. The thing is that on the Internet, we have found three types of reviews: positive, negative, and something in between. On the surface, everything looks pretty normal, after all, you can't satisfy everyone, right? But there are other interesting moments that we should mention.

While browsing through reviews, we have noticed that positive reviews mostly were posted before or right after the launch of the product. In turn, negative reviews are way "younger" and were posted long after the initial launch of the LiveWave. Of course, we have no proves, but for us, it seems that Swell eComm Enterprises might have bought positive reviews of their product, while real users have problems with it.

But what about those people who were satisfied with this product only half? We believe that those people live so close to the TV station, so literary every attachable piece of metal can serve as an antenna. Thus, in their cases, with the same amount of success, they could use a piece of metal wire. Thus, the LiveWave antenna seems to be pretty useless if not potentially dangerous.

What About the LiveWave Website?

During our investigation, we also visited their website for any useful information concerning some technical documentation on this antenna. As you have guessed, we have found next to nothing. On their website, there are only pure promises and no information concerning the real usage of their device. Furthermore, their sail scheme pretty much reminds a Ponzi scheme, as they offer you to buy two antennas and claim that the price will decrease. Thus, according to their website, you can buy two antennas for 73. 75, three antennas for 92. 19, four antennas for 110. 63 and five antennas for 132. 14. Can you imagine someone selling new iPhones like that? As you have guessed, owners sell their products like that only when they are not sure that their product will last long on the market. But how is this possible if they claim that their technology is "superb" and can turn "your house wiring into one gigantic super antenna?"

On top of that, their commercial use too many "loud" words that serve to draw your attention. We have already given you some examples of those words: superb, super, huge, gigantic, unlimited, free, amazing, and so on. Remember, the more of those words you see in some commercials, the higher the chance is that those commercials lie. The general rule is that in any commercial, you must search for facts and not opinions.

So, Is LiveWave Antenna Legit?

After analyzing LiveWave reviews, their website, selling strategy, other products of this company, consulting with specialists, we have come to the final opinion. Thus, we DO NOT recommend you buying and installing the LiveWave antenna. Yes, LiveWave may not be dangerous to use, as we didn't manage to find any lawsuits concerning death cases from using this antenna, but we didn't manage to find trustworthy reviews or cases of positive effects from this "Antenna" either. Furthermore, if you live close to TV stations, you may not even need an antenna at all. Thus, buying the LiveWave, you won't change a thing. We believe that this device is absolutely useless, and Swell eComm Enterprises abuses in their commercials the fact that people have no idea, "How does LiveWave works?" We also believe that they directly lie to us from our TV screens about the effectiveness of their "amazing new technology." So, we wouldn't use the LiveWave in our homes. Thus, we can't recommend you to buy it.

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