How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer


So, you think you're the smartest. You have a solid bank account, you have long passed the age of majority, you have life experience and you are the owner of a small (or big) business. It seems to you that no fraudster will be able to deceive you. Well, you're completely wrong, my friend. If you immediately stop any tries to sell your unnecessary garbage on the phone, it does not mean that you will be able to avoid the traps set up by online dating scams. We did not convince you? Well, just use Google and read how many smart and cool men had to part with their money, only because they do not have time for real dates, parties and social meetings. The figures will shock you. You use dating sites, but you're scared of romancecompass scams? You do it right. But do not deny yourself the pleasure of communicating with charming girls from around the world. We have written a detailed instruction, thanks to which you can easily detect the swindler and warn the others. Enjoy reading to know how to avoid romancecompass scam!

1. Is there a big age difference between you? Pay attention. At a certain age, men begin to be interested in younger girls. Everyone knows this and there is nothing shameful about this. When we say "everyone", we mean scammers too. Most often, young girls aged 17 to 30 turn out to be scammers. Their main victims are successful men, who definitely have money. It's not about fabulous wealth, no. Even the most stupid person in the world will not give 10 000 dollars to a stranger on a dating site. But 300-500 dollars is already quite another matter. If you wrote a charming young beauty, or a man of 50 years (if you are a young girl), if between you there is a significant age difference, be very attentive and keep in mind the dating site scams.

2. Look at the information in the profile. Russian dating scams have a characteristic style, according to which they can be quickly brought into the open. First, pay attention to their job. Scammers usually use options like freelancers, sailors. In case you communicate with a girl - a flight attendant, a dancer or unemployed. Next, study the family status. If a girl is over 30, she will indicate that she is a widow with a child. To arouse pity and trust in you. These two things are main weapons of dating scammers. Male dating scammers always indicate that they are inveterate bachelors, but they are very tired of this status. In general, a sufficiently shrewd person will immediately feel the falsehood that impregnated the profile. If intuition tells you that something is wrong with this person, trust it. This, of course, is not a Spider-Man’s sense, but also an effective tool to avoid scams on dating sites. By the way, in the "Place of residence" scammers often choose a city near you or vice versa, some very remote corner of the planet. In addition, they indicate that they are not there now, but they will return very soon. A very typical feature to check.

3. Pay attention to the photo of a potential dating scammer. No, do not just look at the photo of a sexy Russian beauty. Save the picture on the laptop or what you use and check it with Google's "image search" service. This method will help to quickly determine whether a person is included in any of scam lists and whether the dating scammer used someone else's photo. This is a very simple but effective tool which is often overlooked. Perhaps you will stumble upon negative reviews of this person from another victim of fraud. In this case, inform the moderators of the dating site, on which you "met" with the fraudster. His profile will be blocked and you will save yourself and other people from trouble with scammers on dating sites. In addition, you will have the opportunity to feel like a real detective.

4. Does he / she send you a photo? Check them! Here it is, a work for a real detective. If you seem to yourself too hypochondriac, imagine how someone steals from you 500 bucks. Well, stupid thoughts have disappeared? It's good! Now you have to analyze the photos you received. Check everything: the time on the wristwatch, the date on the calendar that hangs behind the potential scammer, landscapes. Everything that can be checked you should check. Noticed some discrepancy? Does your new girlfriend's smile seem too fake to you? Your sharp eagle eye noticed the traces of photoshop? All these are disturbing signs. Continue checking and do not even think about trusting a person until you prove to yourself that you do not deal with a fraudster.

5. The main enemy of scammers on dating sites is small inconsistencies. Little clues that lead to greater crimes. Sorry for this detective pathos, but without it you will not treat the matter with all seriousness. Your new friend told you that he does not have time for communication and great things are waiting for him, but he is still online? Well, it happens, the network status can change with a delay. It's been 30 minutes, is he still online? Bingo! Most likely, your new friend communicates with the same naive good-natured as you. But he does not just talk, he tries to deceive you both. In most cases, everything happens just like this.

6. Invite your new friend to talk on the phone. This is another effective method, thanks to which many scammers had to stop their activities. Firstly, you will hear many reasons why you cannot call up. "Now I'm too busy," "I have a meeting with friends in the evening," "In the morning my tongue gets numb," "I eat in the afternoon and therefore I cannot talk" - scammers do not always bother to come up with normal excuses. Yes, they think you're a complete idiot. But thanks to us, they will have to be disappointed. And now let's imagine that you still managed to call your new friend. If on the other side of the phone there is a scammer, your conversation will last no more than 5 minutes. You will hear a couple of stereotyped phrases, and then your conversation will be interrupted by sudden "interference" or your new friend just says goodbye and hangs up, trying to play the role of a shy foreigner.

7. Does your new friend often ask you about your finances? Do not even think of telling them anything. People who are looking for love or just communication are not interested in such things. Remember this and do not succumb to humanistic reasoning. This is detrimental to your wallet. Our advice: stop communication with this person or give an ultimatum: no talk about money. Does your interlocutor disagree? Well, it's time to send them to the black list.

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