Clout Pay reviews Scam: an Honest Review

Clout Pay

Have you ever wanted to earn money for clout? What is clout?

In modern terms, clout means popularity. In the age of social media, you can earn a significant sum of money by being an influencer and inviting others to join your community. Unfortunately, this approach is very popular among scammers who like using “clout” to bait you into a Ponzi scheme. Today we are going to talk about one of those sites called Clout Pay. Through a careful search of multiple Clout Pay reviews, we can tell it is a fraudulent app you should never try.

What is Clout Pay?

Clout Pay, or as they call themselves Paid4clout now, is a “number one social influencer network in the market.” After your first Clout Pay login, you “will earn up to $500 for completing basic tasks for the website.”

To start earning money, you need to share their link on your social media and invite others to join. This red flag already reeks MLM. To get profit, you need to involve new people. No people – no profit.

Allegedly, you earn $2 for every time someone clicks on your link, and $10 for each newcomer. Each time a new visitor decides to sign up, you get $25. It sounds marvelous, but – a quick spoiler – you are not going to get any money! MLM companies and Ponzi schemes use their primary visitors as a bait. Your friends and family are not the prey. It only matters whether you can provide services for a certain site or not.

Getting back to Clout Pay scam, you have a task wall on your account. Going through each task allegedly brings you an additional $30. These are more links, questionnaires, and surveys. If you are brave enough to go further, you can make a YouTube video for a Clout Pay channel, and that will bring you $50.

Clout Pay invites everyone to participate in their fun community. Everyone over 13 years old can promote this website. And this is the red flag number two. For someone who doesn’t have a stable income of their own, CloutPay scam takes money from children who are susceptible to marketing, loud slogans, and promises to make money on a side. To join profitable organizations, one must be at least 18 years old. But again, for Clout Pay, there are no limits as long as you are a beneficial member of an MLM chain.

Why is it impossible to benefit from an MLM?

MLM, or multilevel marketing, profits off of newcomers. It is a well-known and a snarky scheme that has been working since 1945. To earn money, not only do you have to be an active part of this organization and promote their business and invest in it, but you also have to involve as many people as possible. An MLM lives off of neverending promoters, allowing the business to prosper for years. Reading an average CloutPay review, you can tell that everyone who tried it never earned a dime from this site. Business owners and CEOs are never interested in your gain because there are too many people who can sustain the scheme without your help. To be precise, you invite a member who will replace you once you lose faith in their dogmas.

But there are many legit sites with tasks!

Yes, many sites invite their workers to achive goals for the company and complete tasks for monetary gain. There are many well-known sites, such as Taskit, Fiverr, LanceBase, Romancecompass. If one wants to detect Romancecompass scam or check any other site, they can simply do it with Sites that use fair policy will never lie about the date of establishment, their traffic, or hide their CEOs. You can also read reviews on these sites and watch videos. For example, Romancecompass scams are non-existent because the surveys are more than positive. But if you take a look into an average Clout Pay review, you will stumble upon titles that say “A SCAMMING SITE.”

What are the main signs of a disingenuous MLM site?

  • Fake testimonials
  • Huge payments
  • Lack of SSL encryption
  • Shady registration
  • Massive involvement of other people
  • Pushy psychology
  • Cult-like worshipping
  • Loud statements (“number one site”)
  • Inability to trace the origin of the website
  • Hidden location
  • Changed domains

As you can see, sites that use bold statements, swear to collaborate with big companies while having no history is a sign of a scam. If you cannot gain money on your own, but only after inviting (or often forcing) people they promise your first payment, click away from this website.

Is Clout Pay legit?

To be forward, no. Here are the main red flags that should immediately throw you off:

1. “We are the best!”

Buzzwords like “we are the number one community” should make you suspicious. Sure, hundreds of websites are indeed best in their field, but you can easily trace them. You probably already know famous websites and do not need aggressive marketing to reassure you. v

2. You cannot find the site

If you Google CloutPay, there are no results with the link to an actual site. All you’ll see are articles about their scams, videos, and reviews.

3. CloutPay changed their domain name

After being outed as a scamming site, CloutPay decided to change their name into Paid4clout. Many fake sites have to change their name every once in a while. They do not to be affiliated with a Ponzi scheme, consequently, it is easier to rebrand. For big and reputable companies, frequent rebranding means financial loss because no one is going to find your business. And yes, you still cannot find Paid4clout on Google either.

4. The company promises huge payouts

Let’s be honest. No one is going to give you $500 for a simple registration. Imagine 10 000 daily visitors. A company should pay $5, 000, 000 in a day for people to be interested in their service! Then imagine a million people logging in every day. A million visitors are regular traffic for the biggest influencer website. It means that a company should pay $500, 000, 000 daily. It is a ridiculous decision from an economic standpoint.

5. CloutPay lies

When you look into the website, it says that the site launched in 2015. But if you do a simple domain check with, it says that the site was created in 2019.

6. No feedback

CloutPay claims to have customer support. However, they don’t have a telephone number attached, nor do they respond to emails. The contact page will always lead to a “404 error.” No one ever spoke to a single support team member since the launch of the site.

7. Fake testimonials

On CloutPay, you can see many success stories and even videos of people who got rich and are grateful. However, one man from this video turned out to be a Fiverr actor. Reverse-searched images prove that these photos are used in many similar scammer sites.

8. CloutPay does not use SSL

This website does not use a secure SSL sign. It means that being on this site is not safe, and third parties can use your information.

9. Owners are hidden

You cannot trace back the origins of the company because CEOs prefer to stay anonymous. Not a single reputable company will lie about their connections. Lack of transparency is a huge red flag. Being unable to trace the origin, a date of creation, or owners of the site gives you no information about the company.

10. Fake affiliates

CloutPay displaces a ridiculous amount of affiliates. Among those are gigantic companies, such as Mcdonals and Target. The problem is, these companies never heard of CloutPay and never collaborated with them. Once they find out about this misinformation, CloutPay will face a serious lawsuit.

11. CloutPay does not pay money!

It is the main reason why you should not use CloutPay. None of the former visitors of this site got a single penny. And if you try to access a paywall that does not have an SSL connection, you can be in danger.

All in all, CloutPay is a fake scamming site that does not pay you money. Moreover, it is potentially dangerous, as it violates the law. You should never believe any of these testimonials or recommend this site to your friends and family. Be safe!

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