Is Tophatter a Scam?


American psychologists have managed to prove that purchases can make people happier. According to scientists, making purchases, a person can get rid even of depression. To prove this, experts conducted a study. Its results were published in the scientific journal Psychology and Science. Moreover, scientists say that it does not matter what to buy. It also does not matter how expensive the purchase will be. The positive impact can be both from the purchase of a cheap accessory, and the purchase of expensive gadgets, for example. Nowadays, you can buy everything you want on the Web, even if it is about some rare and exclusive things. It is when Internet trading platforms like Tophatter come you in handy.

What is Tophatter?

It is an online platform that provides you with a great opportunity to make purchases both in the USA and other countries. It has its own application, simplifying the buying process, it provides many different categories of items to choose from, starting with accessories and to clothes or different gadgets. The main principle of buying is based on auctions, which start at $ 0.99 and last for about 80-90 seconds. Is Tophatter a scam? When people ask whether it is Tophatter scam, it’s possible to answer that this site resembles eBay, but everything is for sale for about 90 seconds. Here you will find, for the most part, non-name brands of different quality. You can make purchases using the ordinary website or app, which is available both for iOS and Android.

What Is the Main Idea of Tophatter?

Tophatter is a product for social shopping. The idea, according to the CEO, is to return the fun and personal touch to online auctions. They assure that the closest analogs are not sites like eBay but rather Home Shopping Network and QVC. Don’t even bother yourself with the doubts whether Tophatter legit or scam because Tophatter scam is just a fairy-tale, made by unsatisfied buyers. The creators of the site didn’t think about the auction in the first place but rather about fun and entertainment. They were going to create a sense of a real auction. In the end, they decided to “gather all of its participants in one room." Thus, Tophatter tries to convey the sensations of real auctions, which can be held in several virtual rooms, the participants have their own avatars, and they can talk both with each other and with the auctioneer. There is even a wooden hammer announcing price offers.

Tophatter Design

The design created by Tophatter developers is made in an unobtrusive cartoon style, with lots of funny little things, for example, you can move beyond the edges of the screen to see what happens outside the auction. Maybe it is also one of the reasons why people, who are used to a strict business design of the sites, believe that it is all about Tophatter scam.

The iOS application is a natural continuation of the experience of interacting with the service. After all, to bid on a product you need to be in the room (virtually speaking) because live interactions are a key component of this experience. Thus, the iOS application allows you to participate in the auction when you are away from your computer. You can even view lots, set reminders, and then receive push notifications when an auction starts.

Tophatter developers have been working on the site for over a year and managed to create a very strong community, and each room of the auction always seems to be crowded with people. The same picture can be observed in the application. The developers try to keep a balance between supply and demand, so there are no empty rooms. In March of this year, more than half a million bids were made, and the sales rate was 80%, in other words, most of the things put up for auction were sold (according to available data, the eBay sales rate is 40%). Do you still believe Tophatter a scam?

Working Principle of Tophatter

First of all, don’t forget about the fact that you should sign up with Facebook or Google or e-mail. When you get an account, you will be provided with the list of auctions you can take part in. Pay attention that you pay money only when you win an item, otherwise, everything is free. As we have already mentioned, you have only about 90 seconds to try your luck, so don’t think too much. You can participate in auctions in real time or if you are interested in some upcoming auctions, then you can set reminders not to miss them. When you like an item and want to get it, bid on it immediately and continue to watch the process, there can be a necessity to bid once more or you can find yourself a winner. In the case when you are a lucky guy, you should pay for the purchase pretty fast because if you are going to take part in other auctions, you will not be able to do that till you pay for the previous item you have won.

Truth About Tophatter

This site will be perfect for all kinds of adventurous people who like to rush into action. Once again you should bear in mind that it is not about world-famous brands, in most part, it’s about no-name brands at all. Of course, you may be tempted to study all the specs and read carefully the description before bidding on the item, but due to its short duration, it can be very challenging to satisfy your desire and do a lot of search before making a final decision. The only thing you can do is to tone it down and look for items in the upcoming auctions instead those that are already on sale. You should be aware of the fact that if you go over the limit of canceled bids after winning for some reasons, then you might not be allowed to use Tophatter. It is another reason why people start looking for Tophatter reviews and call it a scam. Nonetheless, if you have got an item, which does not match the provided description, then you have the right to return it and get your money back. If you turn to the official return policy, you will see something like the following statement, “If your purchase doesn’t satisfy you, then you may return it within a month of delivery.” Anyway, if you worry about the question, “Is Tophatter legit?” you should stop doing it since your experiences are unfounded.

Tophatter Bidding Issues

If you face some challenges when placing a bid or winning an auction, then you should consider the following things.

- One of the most common issues you can face while bidding is when several bids are made at the same time. If you run into this issue, and you don’t want to miss an item, then you should just place a second bid as soon as you have noticed the problem.

- If for some reasons, you cannot place a bid at all, then, first of all, you should check whether you’ve paid for the previous item you've won. Many people forget about this stumbling block.

- As it has been already pointed out if you have exceeded the limit of canceled transactions, then you can be blacklisted. However, a seller can also prevent a buyer from purchasing other things.

- Nonetheless, if there is a technical error, then you can turn to the support team of Tophatter, and they will do their best to help you.

Tophatter Shipping

You know shipping prices can differ, depending on the specific item. It’s recommended to look at the price for shipping to your destination before you place a bid. The same applies to the time frame in which you will get your package, it can vary from 7 to 31 days, depending on the item and your destination.

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