3 Types Of Dating Scammers

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The virtual world gives great opportunities for fraud. People don't look into each other eyes, the voice is not shaking and cheeks do not blush during the conversation, it means that one person can tell others anything, until they meet in real life. Сheaters are everywhere, but in the network, it is easier to be cheated, if you are not experienced and do not know how to distinguish good people from bad.

Professional fraudsters successfully earn millions of different units of money per year on their victims. They improved their skills so much that even those, who are not usually susceptible to hype, become victims. Among all dating sites, we can allocate one verified. On the romancecompassscam no scam and it is absolutely true because thousands of people find there a soul mate.

In order to avoid online dating scams you should know and understand how they work:


The main goal is to lure out your money, or in some cases, to use you to launder money. Here's how a dating scam works: the scammer creates a fake profile that matches your interests on a dating site. He or she sends you a lot of messages, try to communication and it continues for several weeks or even months to establish trust. Eventually, they will ask you money. They can say that they are traveling, or working abroad in difficult conditions, and your small monetary gift will facilitate their lives.

You may be asked to cash the cheque, and then send money through a bank or other transfer, because your new friend is currently abroad.

Through such fraud you could unknowingly participate in money laundering scheme by cashing fake cheques or send stolen goods abroad. There is a perception that on the Internet there are a lot of Russian dating scams, but don’t believe in it, because not every Russian woman wants to cheat you. Most of them want to find love.


Another common dating site scams is intimidation. After meeting, you will be asked for a link to the profile in the social network. You will become friends or even more. The conversation continues there and becomes more intimate and personal. Later, the scammer sends a link to the website where is a copy of your conversations, your photos and a telephone number with the statement that you are a fraud. You will be asked to pay a certain sum of money for removing the information from the site.

Payment for the parcel

In this case the scammer wins the trust of a victim and says that he wants to do an expensive gift (jewelry, tablet, etc.) that will be shipped by courier service. When a victim pays for fake shipping, a gift “disappears” as a generous lover. 

Here is a revealing story: a woman acquainted with a foreigner. After some time he sent a gift for her birthday. As he wrote her, it had to be an expensive jewelry. She received a gift, paid for shipping plus some expenses. When she opened the parcel she saw cheap accessories.

We can describe for hours types of scams on dating sites, but they all boil down to the extortion of your money. No matter at what stage of development your relationship is, but asking for money should always “activate” a red light signal in your head. Use reliable online dating sites. For example romancecompassscam has no scams and it is proved by reviews of visitors.

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