How to Detect Russian Dating Scam


Dating sites are overall a great opportunity to meet someone special online. You can see each other’s profile, share information. But wait, do we really have to be so opened to strangers, even to the most charming ones. Mama told us not to talk to people who we don’t know, especially not to share private details. We all think that’s kind of obvious, and are concerned about kids who trust unknown people. But are we much smarter? Come on, everyone at least once in a lifetime told something they regret telling. So what are the signs of dating site scams? How to avoid them and be more clever then children who dared to go inside a minivan for a candy?

Sorry, that went dark. Here we go:

1. Scammers are too friendly. They are like lice – appear out of blue, and are so hard to get rid of. Scams on dating sites can be pretty obvious – those people totally tend to believe in love at first sight, they swear by you, they send an avalanche of compliments onto your profile. Seems really-really suspicious. Beware excessively friendly people; God forgives me for these words!

2. Scammers are pretty. I am not claiming that all beautiful people try to steal something except your heart, but the truth is obvious – who would fall for an average-looking man or women? Of course they have to be extra-sexy, their profile pictures are most of the times revealing or innocently cute. Who would have known that you are texting a devil in disguise?

3. Scammers are everywhere. Online dating scams can be detected by the frequency with which those cute faces appear. Seriously, they have the same photo with the absolute same description on every site possible? Wouldn’t a normal person stop on one most trustworthy site, unless it’s a scam?

4. Scammers are unrealistically perfect. You can detect scam by some pleasant descriptions like that: For example: “Hi, my name is X, I am a part-time model, a great cook, a successful astronaut and songwriter, looking for a serious partner who knows what he/she wants in life.” Still, my representation is quite dramatic, and there is nothing bad in trying your best in order to achieve some goals, but scammers usually know how to impress strangers with unrealistically far-fetched skills.

5. Scammers always pull the victim card. Scams on dating sites are always hard to imagine without a touching heart-reaching story about the difficult childhood, low income, relatives’ illnesses and problems with work or relationships. Scammers must have a master’s degree in psychology in deceiving people. They start asking promiscuous questions, they find your week spot and then try to press on you. Did you accidentally mention that you’ve lost your dog recently? Prepare to listen to the saddest story about how COINCEDANTALLY your new passion had to show her pet to the vet, and he said that her wholeheartedly beloved animal suffers from an incurable disease. You will melt, and so will your money do.

6. Scammers don’t understand the language. Oh my, seems like one of Russian dating scams. She will start chatting with you, pretending to be an interesting foreigner, and then SUDDENLY she is going to tell that, unfortunately, her funds don’t allow her to talk to the most incredible person on Earth anymore, but you are the one who can pay for the translator, so you can continue falling in love with each other. One of the saddest and most widespread tricks from romancecompass scams , as people keep saying. Remember, if your new date starts to extort money under any pretext, feel free to abandon him/her. Come on, be wiser than that!

7. Scammers need to fly to I mean, how can you be THAT stupid to book a flight for an unknown person? There always have to be some “accidental mentions” about how great it would be to meet you in person, but, unfortunately, your new date doesn’t have enough money, even though she clearly wrote “I have a PHD; I’m a successful person” in her profile. Don’t, I’ll repeat, DON’T give any personal information (address, phone number, credit card password) to anyone. Don’t let a random black widow hypnotize you!

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