Scam: Is It So?


Quite often, there is a need to obtain information about a certain person who is a potential counterparty, client, seller/buyer of real estate, a borrower in a bank, etc. The Internet can help you!

Thanks to a database for searching people on the Internet, this opportunity is available today. It is really possible to find a person, even if you have only his name.

There are hundreds of reasons for looking for a person, both pleasant and not so good. For example, a girl saw a handsome man, was ashamed to immediately approach him and get acquainted, so managed to take only a photo. A man is looking for a wife who left him, changed all the contacts, and does not allow him to see the children. Someone wants to check the future employer. A guy is looking for a girl whom he likes and knows only her name.

Nowadays, it is difficult for some people to find a loved one in real life. With the advent of websites for searching people, such issues as meeting people from all over the world and social strata, searching for a person, checking his location and biographical data, and searching for new acquaintances and even a loved one are becoming increasingly popular.

Contrary to popular belief, searching sites are not as dangerous and harmful as many consider. In fact, many of them led to the creation of happy relationships and strong families. Why is it so easy for people to fulfill their dreams with the help of these platforms? True People allows users to register, explore, and use the features of the platform for free. This is a big advantage. Indeed, according to many people, you have to pay in most dating applications. The main purpose of the True People is to be a useful and popular website that gives people an opportunity to find friends and a loved one for free. Using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can search for your old friends, neighbors, classmates, or distant relatives free of cost. It is so simple and easy!

Today we will tell you more information about True People Search scam, is it true or not, and how to remove yourself from the site if you want it. So, is a scam?

What is True People

True People is a website created for searching new online acquaintances. It is a platform for users who want to learn more about people, their family, age, place of residence, if they have children or not, and other confidential information that they may want to hide from the public. True People Search collects information from public accounts and the information you provide on social network sites when you register your profile.

Some critics consider that the developers of the True People have really gone too far because people are at greater risk. They say that someone with bad intentions can easily access your personal information, home address, the phone number, and even the names of your family members. Moreover, everything is free on the website. Calm down and do not worry, you can remove yourself from the site! We are going to tell you about it soon.

Speaking of what a website really is, this is the online platform you need if you want to know the details of someone’s life, for example, everything about well-known celebrities, their current home address, children, cars, and etc. The site True People has too much personal information and, therefore, it causes negative impressions and seems like a scam. To get the necessary information, all that one needs to do is to enter in the search field the name of the person he wants to find and, possibly, the postal code. Based on this information, it is possible to find out the personal data of people.

Is True People Search a scam?

Many people wonder: is True People Search a scam? Nowadays, we all know that in most online platforms for searching people, there are scammers who harm unsuspecting users. In fact, the True People website is not a scam. Moreover, there is no evidence, documents, or reports proving that people were deceived by the creators of this site. And until such information appears, we cannot associate True People with fraudulent sites.

How to remove yourself from the site

Probably, this part of the article is most awaited by the majority of people who do not like the True People website and consider it fraudulent. Alright, let's get started. If you feel that your life is in danger due to the fact that the details of your personal life are easily accessible to the general public, the best option for you is to remove your profile from the site. You will spend only a couple of minutes on this simple task.

To delete your profile, you must do the following:

  • Visit the website -
  • Click the "Privacy" button. You will be redirected to a page where you can submit a profile deletion request.
  • Click on the field and enter your name.
  • Follow the instructions and your profile will be deleted from the site within a few minutes.
  • OR! Follow the link -
  • Click on the link to delete the profile.
  • Read and follow the instructions until you get to the place where you click the "delete this profile" button.
  • When you click the button, your profile is immediately deleted.


Without a doubt, the Internet greatly helps us in almost all the areas of modern life. With the development of new technologies, you have the opportunity to get the very best of what you look for on the Internet. Such websites for searching people as True People are certainly important, although the existence of some of them has led to some unpleasant incidents in real life. Such a site is a good idea because it will not deceive you with any significant amount of money, even if you decide to purchase a membership.

Therefore, in order to feel safe, Internet users do not have to cross the line, especially when they indicate personal or confidential information on public platforms such as dating apps, email, social networks, and others. After all, now you know that spreading too much information about yourself on the Internet can put you in danger and create the risk of being deceived by fraudsters.

Modern Internet is a kind of dark street, where you can encounter not only bystanders but also real criminals who will watch you for a long time, collecting personal information for subsequent deception.

The Internet today is much more than just chatting with friends, social networks, games, and online purchases. This is an open information system, and if it seems that you have nothing to hide or no one needs your information, you are deeply mistaken. Any information about you may be used not in the way it was intended.

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