ScamAdviser Review: Scam or Legit?


At the birth of the Internet, everything was pretty simple and safe. People didn’t even think that they could become a victim of some advanced fraudsters. It seemed the Internet was one of the safest places, which provides you with numerous possibilities. However, as the Internet has become popular and the number of sites has exceeded even the boldest expectations, people have started questioning the security of every new site they are going to use since acts of scams have become more common. So, the question immediately presents itself like this: How can you find out that a site has nothing to do with a scam? And as you know demand engenders supply, thus the need to check a site for a scam activity has contributed to the appearance of ScamAdviser. It appeared many years ago, but there are several stumbling blocks. Firstly, not everyone knows about its existence, and secondly, some people have some doubts about whether ScamAdviser is a scam itself or not. As they say, “Once burnt, twice cautious.” So, let's try to answer the question, “Is ScamAdviser legit?”

Quick ScamAdviser Review: What Is It?

To answer the main question, its necessary to start from the very beginning and find out what ScamAdviser actually is. It will be especially useful for those, who have never run into this site and have no idea what we are going to talk about. It can seem strange at first glance that a site that is intended to protect you from fraudsters may turn out to be a scam itself, but strange things happen sometimes, so it's better to double-check everything if you have some doubts.

So, this site started working seven years ago, as it often happens, as a result of the creator’s unsuccessful experience when he became a victim of scammers while trying to purchase some golf stuff. So, this experience became a trigger for creating a site that can check other sites for scamming activity. Thus, nowadays the site is intended to help other people avoid being scammed on the Internet. For these seven years, the site has got many different improvements and become a real safety ring for a huge number of people who have some doubts about the safety of this or that site. If you look through numerous reviews, you will see that this site is not a scam, but let’s make our own little investigation and examine this site from different angles.

How Does It Work?

When you open the site, you are provided with an opportunity to search and verify the validity of the chosen website. The developers of the site have done tremendous work, collecting an impressive amount of data about each site that you can be potentially interested in. So, the final result and the eventual evaluation of the site will be based on the gathered data. They are considering things that are of great importance: the type of domain, the duration of the site’s activity, the country of the site’s origin and many others. And if, for example, you have your own site and want to check it with the help of ScamAdviser, you can get quite a low trust score if your site is new or users haven’t shown any activity on it yet. So, this is the main principle by which the site works. However, if you still have some doubts about whether ScamAdviser fake or not, lets continue studying the site.

Copyright Notice

People who like to double-check everything and find at least some proof of their points of view can rejoice since if you scroll down the site to the end, you will see that the site hasn’t updated their copyright notice. So, it is still 2018 even though 2019 is coming to an end in a few months. However, it doesn’t really demonstrate anything besides the fact that they haven’t brought up to date their site’s footer. Talking about copyright notices, it’s necessary to mention that ScamAdviser possesses Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer pages. The latter provides standard info that is typical for most websites. To be on the safe side and to avoid being sued over inaccurate information, it specifies that all the information provided should be treated only as a suggestion and definitely not as a call to action or something with absolute accuracy.

So, answering the question, “Is ScamAdviser safe?” it is possible to say that it's not more dangerous than most well-known websites that are used every day by a huge number of people all over the world. If you visit Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages, you will be able to find out who is the current owner of the website. Besides, both pages are quite standard and just inform you that they are doing their best to keep your data secret, who can get your information and how to use the site. Well, frankly speaking, the present owner of the given website bought it only in the past year.

Even though the copyright notice of the site is a bit outdated, the social media profiles, as well as ScamAdviser reviews, show that the site is active and quite up to date.

Social Networks

If you want to find the social accounts of the site, then go on, first of all, to Twitter and Facebook. Of course, they are not that active here as famous bloggers, but still, their accounts are not neglected. The very fact that the site uses social networks, posting, for example, tweets and having a pretty big army of followers, helps its users make sure that the site is legal. Talking about their Facebook page and its low rating there, one may think that something is wrong with the site. However, it doesn’t prove anything since everyone whose own site hasn’t got high rate on ScamAdviser due to different reasons (for example, as it has already been mentioned, a site can be new and doesn’t show activity of its users) can go on to Facebook and give a low rating to this site, as if taking revenge in such way. Many people, having quite a poor idea of how ScamAdviser works, believe that the site provides them with an accurate outcome. However, nothing is perfect, and a legit site can be considered to be a scam as well. So, the fact that a site has got a low rating by ScamAdviser cannot guarantee that it is 100% information, and you have run into a scam site. For example, you can visit social networks of the site you are interested in and see a big number of its users as well as relevant info, provided by the site itself.

So, Is ScamAdviser a Scam?

Having read all the provided information, what can you say about ScamAdviser? Is it legit or it’s better to avoid this site and never use it since it can at times provide you with inaccurate data? Well, having conducted a full investigation and studied all the crucial aspects, it's possible to say that ScamAdviser has nothing to do with a scam. They try to do their best to meet the expectations of their users, although some results of the search leave much to be desired. So, some results aren’t that accurate as they should be, and it’s the worst thing that can be said about the site. Many people doubt the legitimacy of the site because, for example, they had a bad experience, having found a normal site with a low rating there. However, as we have already said, you cannot judge the service, basing only on one incorrect review or unfortunate experience. The bottom line is that ScamAdviser is an ideal spot to check the site of your interest and make sure that you will not become a victim of advanced scammers.

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