Is Inbox Dollars a Scam?


InboxDollars, according to many reviews, is a reliable site that has been steadily paying millions of users for over 18 years. For a long time, InboxDollars was available for earnings only to residents of the United States, but not so long ago, other residents of the globe have received such an opportunity as well.

However, InboxDollars still focuses on the United States, and if you register from any other country in the world, then you get fewer jobs and therefore, less money. Other drawbacks, as well as many advantages of this service, are discussed below.

Is Inbox Dollars Real?

This is a very well-developed online project for earning. According to the latest news, that payment using Paypal cashing out methods has been suspended, so chances are you want to know, “Is InboxDollars a scam or no?” Let’s look at all the possibilities of getting the money that it provides. First of all, it is worth saying that the project is international, makes payments to users of all countries and states. Registration options are also unlimited. InboxDollars legit service has its mobile application which you can also use to earn. The only minus is that the site is completely in English, and the translation is not very high quality. So, to use it, you should have at least a basic level of English or be able to translate quickly.

How Do I Register on InboxDollars?

Registration on InboxDollars is neither complicated nor different from registering on similar sites or any of the social networks. To register, you need to fill out a simple registration form (a kind of application form). After which you will receive a letter in the mail to confirm and activate the account.

After registration, users immediately receive $5 per account, and to get the minimum amount for withdrawal, you will need to collect only $5 more. If you withdraw earned funds to a wallet in PayPal, the minimum withdrawal amount will be $10 if you order a check or to a Visa card - $30. After you reach the minimum which can be withdrawn, you can apply for withdrawal and receive your money as soon as the application gets confirmed. You won’t have to wait before the end of the month.

How Does InboxDollars Work?

To answer the question, "How does Inbox Dollars work?" you should know that there are two groups of subjects on the site, those are advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are small or large companies that want to sell or distribute information about their products. Publishers, on the other hand, are bloggers and content-makers, people who create websites that advertisers need to promote their products. The service acts as an intermediary. What is Inbox Dollars’ profit from this? Here, both advertisers and publishers working with InboxDollars advertising their services and products, offer InboxDollars users to perform various tasks, and thereby earn money. So, the advertisers pay the site, and it allows people to earn as well.

Is Inbox Dollars safe? Yes, there is nothing dangerous about earning money there, and you can safely withdraw them at any time. It offers you many different easy ways to make money. The following options are among them.

Paid letters

The first and easiest way to make money with Inbox Dollars is to read emails. Almost immediately after registration, you will begin to receive letters to your e-mail specified during the registration. You can see your paid emails in the "email" section by logging into your personal account on InboxDollars.

For the letter that you've received on your E-mail to be considered read and to receive a reward for this, you need to follow the link located at the bottom of the letter and thereby confirm the reading. Every day you can get 5 -10 paid letters to your e-mail. You get from 2 to 5 cents for one letter you read. This is a very simple way to make money. You don’t need to read the letter itself, just scroll down and follow the confirmation link.

Different tasks

InboxDollars also offers you to earn money on simple tasks. For instance, you will need to perform simple steps on social networks or advertisers' websites (like, post, repost, join groups, register on sites, enter captcha, etc.), and for that, you get paid. This type of earning is one of the most profitable on the site! If you carry out all 100% of the tasks offered to you for execution daily, then the payment will increase from $ 0.25 to $ 3 for one completed task!


At InboxDollars you can earn money by answering short polls. The number of paid surveys available daily is limited. For passing one short survey, you get $ 0.5, which is quite an average sum as considered on the market of paid online surveys.


You can also make good money by playing various games on InboxDollars. But this method is available only to active users.


InboxDollars has the opportunity to earn money by searching for something on the Internet. To do this, install the special InboxDollars search panel in your browser, for which you will be paid $1. After that, each time you search for something on the Internet, you will be paid $ 0.01.


Watching a video is a really fun and easy way to make money. You’ll be paid 6 cents for each video you watch. This is a very simple way to earn money on InboxDollars, but to get a reward, you need to watch the video to the end!


InboxDollars has a good affiliate program. You will earn 10% of the earnings of each referral you've invited. Accordingly, the more people you invite, the more income you will have from referrals. Therefore, it makes sense for you to invite all your friends, and indeed all those who want to make money on this service. There haven’t been any Inbox Dollars scam stories during the years of its existence, so you can safely recommend it to your friends.

Affiliate Program and Withdrawal of Funds

You automatically become a member of the gold membership after the first time you withdraw the earned funds. A gold member has special benefits such as weekly payments, more referral rewards, exclusive monthly offers.

As it has been already mentioned, withdrawal of funds is available through all well-known payment systems such as PayРal, or using Visa or Mastercard credit cards, but you will have to earn from $30 on your account for this. However, it will not be difficult to get this amount. For the first withdrawal of earned money, you will need to collect only $5 - 25 since $5 you get at registration. And if you still worry about, “Is Inbox Dollars a scam?” you can be sure that your account and the money on it are protected, so in case something goes wrong during the withdrawal, you won’t lose any money.

Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Let us sum up the key points about the site. Filling out surveys is far from the only and probably not the most profitable method of earning. Questionnaires here take two minutes to fill, or even shorter, and you receive from $0.25 to 0.5 for each. But there are a lot of surveys on the site, they are available in your account immediately after registration (see the Surveys section).

Another method of earning is by reading paid advertising letters. Each day you will receive from 1 to 3 letters, site administrators note that letters only come to the most active participants. That is if you are active on the site (at least just fill out the surveys), letters will be sent to you regularly, and you can successfully earn money.

And there are many other ways to earn money on the site. But you should know that during registration, in case you are a resident of the country other than America, some types of earnings will not be available to you (for example, paid letters), but paid surveys will be available for all! Is Inbox Dollars a scam? No, and you can make sure that it is true by trying out the site yourself.

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