Is EverQuote a Scam or Not?


Every year there are more and more car lovers, therefore the number of accidents on the roads is constantly growing, from which, as they say, no one is insured. Even experienced drivers can not provide for the actions of other road users. There is no need to mention force majeure, such as hailstorm or carjacking. But your car is a real valuable thing that you want to protect from such moments. And also you want to be sure that in the case of an unforeseen, you can count on help and material support. Issued insurance in time will help to minimize the possible consequences and feel confident behind the wheel. Car insurance is absolutely required for all drivers. But often even this requirement is ignored.Often drivers buy an insurance policy from unverified agents, sometimes even from already insolvent insurance companies wanting to save money. But the most important thing is that any insurance company is obliged to give a guarantee of compensation and protect against the loss of own funds.

If you have a car, then there must be an insurance policy by all means. This is a mandatory third-party insurance which insures liability to the owner of the car that suffered because of your fault. It does not compensate for your losses, but exempts from compensation for the consequences of damage to property, life and health caused by your fault. Insurance payment is made in accordance with a specific scheme. The average cost of parts and their depreciation are taken into account.

Now in the insurance market there are unscrupulous players who simply have no money to pay. Therefore, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing an insurance company. In addition to information on the Internet, reviews of those who already had experience with insurance, the opinion of experts, as well as the bank, will also help in choosing. The fact is that banks, on behalf of insurance companies, sell all insurance products: insurance for traveling abroad, green cards, medical insurance and life insurance. Banks work only with reliable insurance companies, because a bad insurance affects the image and business reputation of the financial institution. Banks with European capital have developed a mechanism that cuts off unscrupulous partners. An insurance company needs to go through a number of serious verification to start working with the bank: from business reputation to the deep financial analysis.

In addition, the bank can compare offers and prices of several proven insurance companies, get expert advice and choose the option that best suits your specific needs, to avoid additional markups.

Is EverQuote a scam?

EverQuote, along with its affiliated domains — Provide Savings, Live Smarter Daily, My Quote, Us Auto Insurance, Save on Auto Insurance and others is not a legitimate car insurance company. EverQuote is the leading generating company for auto insurance agents, carriers and aggregators. It is spoken about the spam factory. They collect your information and sell it to unscrupulous characters all over the Internet. We strongly recommend you not to give them any personal information. You will receive 15 calls a day from call centers and telemarketing. You will have to turn off the phone for at least a week. You do not even get a good offer!

EverQuote doesn’t really have a product that helps neither the auto insurance agent, nor the consumer. The consumers are misled into thinking something else. It’s all a big lie. Horrible business practice has some success only because managers allow them to cheat and get away with it. It is important to consider what contribution managers are contributing to the success of the company. Stop paying them so much money to sit around and do nothing!

What kind of scam is EverQuote?

EverQuote claims to be an “insurance market” where consumers can compare insurance quotes. Instead, you will be matched with the agent, carrier, or aggregator that pays the most for your information. It is easy to understand logically that the one who pays the most for your information can make more money. Thus, these agents, carriers, or aggregators are likely to be the ones who give you the worst price. Do not give in. Be smart. You'd better go directly to the websites of major insurance companies or call an agent who you really know.

EverQuote makes money by hunting innocent internet users. The company is distinguished by insignificant and blurred content in front of these users and deceives them by using their personal information.They don’t lay out a range of comparable rates to choose from, as they seem to promise. They solicit your information and your time, and then pass your phone number to insurance agents who know absolutely nothing about the information you’ve entered. There is no need to compare rates for car insurance, but this website isn’t going to do that.

EverQuote belongs to the most common kind of scam- that is an advance fee fraud.It happens usually when a fraudster requests payment in advance or personal information in exchange for goods, services, money or rewards that they never provide. The fraudsters invent convincing and, apparently, real reasons for requesting a payment, for example, to cover fees or taxes. They often ask pay international bank transfer.

These frauds are usually sold in large quantities with fraudsters who send them to thousands of people around the world at the same time, usually by email. Some customers complain about this totally disgusting website. The customer told, that he filled in the typical information (vehicles, drivers, personal, contact). At the end of that, he was presented with two companies (in his case, Esurance and AAA) to pick from. After clicking one of them, they had his contact info, but required him to re-enter the vehicle & driver info. In other words, it simply put the customer into their website, and dropped a lead-generation fee in EverQuote’s pocket. But nobody knows did they provide any value-add.You would be better served by contacting a local Independent Insurance Agent to quote your auto insurance than to provide your information to a lead generation firm such as EverQuote.So, anyway you should stay away from EverQuote definitely as it provides insurance scam.

Is romancecompass a scam?

When you go to a marriage agency and allow them to use your personal data to deceive men who allegedly pay to communicate with you, but in fact someone else talks to them and gets paid for it, then you are an accomplice of the crime. You know what is happening. And, most likely, they also received a material benefit , a free photo session at a minimum (which is also not free at all, but worth the money as a professional photographer and make-up artist, a hairdresser spend their time and work on you and get paid), where a scammer throws a purse full of dollars to the victim, and then offers to share money in half.

The truth is that paying users (men) do not know that they are being deceived and they do not talk to girls with photos at all (or they do not suspect that girls with photos are paid for talking to them). On the contrary, these men are strongly convinced that "everything is real."

Treating the victims of fraud as to individuals who “themselves are to blame” is a typical attitude of people who, without realizing it, put themselves in a very vulnerable position because the next victims will probably be themselves.

The topic of fake schemes in paid correspondence agencies attracts more and more journalists. And if you think that fraudsters will be able to get off with a whole skin it means that this is a very naive delusion.

So, is romancecompass a scam? No, it's not.The matter is that “Romance Compass” is an online service that is sure to come in handy for every man who is actively looking for a girlfriend or a future wife. This is an effective and professional help, which is necessary for finding a modern, charming and attractive girl. The resource contains only reliable and verified information about each of the girls. You can find all the necessary data about education, professional activity, hobbies, character, dreams, etc. And for greater persuasiveness, the questionnaires are backed by a visual component - a portrait photo of a girl to be better represented. There is a huge selection of future potential companions who are also search their only one. The advantage of the service is that you can talk in the video chat or start chatting with any girl which you liked. Creating such a virtual platform for communication will help you understand how interesting the girl is and what her general hobbies are with her.

Russian and Ukrainian girls will be a wonderful party for both flirting and serious relationships. They have all the necessary personal characteristics: beauty, intelligence, education. Most of them are interesting in communication, caring, witty, able to cook tasty, funny. Each of them has a specific set of hobbies, so they never let their boyfriend get bored. “Romance Compass” is a wonderful international marriage agency that will allow you to find your companion in life. Even true bachelors will find the girl who will not leave indifferent on the site And this is a great resource, even for those who have long been disillusioned with the desire to meet his beloved.

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